Education is different in each level of care:

Acute Care: During your child’s acute inpatient stay, he or she will have the option to work on current school assignments under the guidance of a Special Education certified teacher.  This is not a school program; however, if your child does not have school work available or does not choose to complete school work during hospitalization, he or she will be provided with alternative activities to keep them engaged and active.

Partial Hospitalization:  During the partial hospitalization program, a Special Education Certified Teacher will provide two hours of academic support every day. Coordination of your child’s academic studies will be facilitated with the help of the teacher who will be able to give more direct support.

Residential Treatment: During residential treatment, academic time is scheduled every day.  A special education certified teacher is available to provide one-to-one instruction as well as complete course material using a program called Grad Point. The GradPoint online learning program is designed to meet your child’s needs, whether he or she requires more instructional support or is an academically advanced student. We will offer Honors and AP classes in all core content areas and residents will also have some of these options available to them through our elective courses that are offered.