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Residential Care for Adolescents

Residential Care for Adolescents

Residential Care for Adolescents

Our residential treatment program features age-specific units for adolescent boys and girls, ages 11 to 17, and is conducted in a therapeutic setting to help address a wide-range of mental health needs.

Our program provides a wide-range of therapies, academic programs and therapeutic activities for children and teens who have not been successful in acute care settings and require a higher level of care. Patients in our program participate in individual, family and group therapy. Throughout the treatment experience, we use evidence-based and proactive treatment approaches with patients and we include their families to achieve the best possible outcome, as well as develop an ongoing plan for success.

Available services to help patients after they leave the Kempsville Center are identified and established well before their discharge date to help ensure a successful transition back into the community. Discharge planning begins as soon as a patient is admitted, and has the goal of returning the adolescent back into the community through the use of less restrictive environments that use community-based services.

Download the Residential Program Brochure.


During residential treatment, academic time is scheduled every day. A special education certified teacher is available to provide one-to-one instruction as well as complete course material using a program called GradPoint. The GradPoint online learning program is designed to meet your child’s needs, whether he or she requires more instructional support, or is academically advanced. We will offer Honors and AP classes in all core content areas and residents will also have some of these options available to them through our elective courses that are offered.

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To find out more about our residential program and availability for treatment, please call us at 757-461-4565 or send an email to [email protected]