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Acute Inpatient Hospitalization

Acute Inpatient Hospitalization

Inpatient Treatment for Children

We provide inpatient hospitalization for children, ages 4 to 11, who are in a mental health crisis. Following an initial assessment and crisis stabilization, our staff, led by a child psychiatrist develops individualized treatment programs for each patient. The treatment programs consist of intensive therapeutic interventions that help assist the child in developing tools they need to cope in the world.

The multidisciplinary team consists of:

  • Child and adolescent psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Master’s-level licensed counselors
  • Registered nurses
  • Certified teachers
  • Activity therapists
  • Mental health technicians
  • Discharge planners

Our goals during your child or adolescent’s stay include:

  • Diagnose and treat underlying issues.
  • Provide intensive, therapeutic groups and interventions.
  • Develop a comprehensive discharge plan.

The acute inpatient program at Kempsville Center for Behavioral Health consists of therapeutic techniques, including:

  • Therapeutic groups and activities
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Medication management
  • Discharge planning
  • Communication and collaboration with community providers
  • Life safety skills education
  • Individualized treatment plan developed by a multidisciplinary team


During your child’s acute inpatient stay, he or she will have the option to work on current school assignments under the guidance of a certified special education teacher. This is not a school program; however, if your child does not have school work available or does not choose to complete school work during hospitalization, he or she will be provided with alternative activities to keep them engaged and active.

We believe that every child and family holds the foundations to be successful, and our team of mental health professionals is dedicated to helping you identify those strengths.
We accept most insurances, including TRICARE®.

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School Information

Kempsville Center’s Acute program is focused on providing a secure, protective environment for your child/teen to focus on their emotional wellness. While your student will not be required to work on missed lessons/materials; for many working on assignments can ease their transition back to home and school.

Academic Support
There are four hours of time each day scheduled for your student to work on school assignments as they are able. Special Education Certified teachers provide support as needed to each student with questions about their assignments as well provide alternative activities such as word problems, critical thinking activities and other “brain games.”

Getting assignments to Kempsville Center
A Release of Information must be on file for your child’s school.
Make contact with your child’s school to get assignments collected:

  • PLEASE NOTE: all school work must be done in paper and pencil
  • No computers are used during the acute academic times.
  • Guidance counselors are often a good point of contact for collecting assignments.
  • Provide the student’s guidance counselor/teacher with the contact information below for any worksheets/reading material that can be emailed/faxed with the student’s name CLEARLY stated in the subject line/Fax Cover Sheet:

[email protected] – Director of Education
[email protected] – Acute Teacher
757-455-0214 – education department fax number

Textbooks and worksheets can also be delivered directly to Kempsville Center for Behavioral Health by family/guardian.

Upon Discharge:
All completed assignments will be returned to the student at discharge to take back to school with them. (If student does not have assignments at discharge, please contact the Director).

Acute Program Schedule

Below is a sample of how we provide a therapeutic approach to your child/teen during their treatment. We work to balance therapy, life skills, group processing, recreation and down time into a cohesive program that provides your child/teen with structure and 24/7 supervision.

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